Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Real news or a big non-story?

Insurgents getting hands on your car

Someone please explain how this is a story? I can be stupid sometimes, and I am trying to do my homework while I watch the local news. Also, I do realize what a big seller the fear of terrorism is, but I just think this story was a complete waste.

Two statements that I have a problem with in the story in the story, first, the point that the reporter makes about the U.S.-Mexico border being a sieve--not a new idea and one that sounds like anti-immigration propaganda to me. Second, this quote from the end of the story, "...the common perception of auto theft as a victimless crime. 'Right now, it’s report it to the insurance company, get my money and go out and get another car. But if I know that something happened to one of our guys? People feel it,' Bimonte said." Please! Give me a break! I'm supposed to feel bad if my car gets stolen and is used to hurt some soldier. Even for a guilt-plagued person like me, I find this statement ridiculous.

Okay, back to my homework now.

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Penny said...

Blame the Victim par excellence! I thought (excuse me) that if someone stole my car it was my bad fortune, not my fault. Isn't it Sargent Whoever's job to make sure my car doesn't get stolen if the first place? I mean honestly. This is stupid. Now I'll be a terrorist-aider and abetter for owning a car in the first place!