Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Blues 2

What is it about the blue water of a swimming pool on a hot summer day? Their comforting cool wetness just seems to call me. I love to lie on my couch and watch the shadows of their reflection dance on my ceiling. I go to the window several times a day and look down into the pool. I long for a swim each time I walk from up the stairs to my apartment. The really weird thing is that the pool in my apartment complex is within easy reach of my apartment, yet I have resisted the temptation to baptize myself in that cool blue. I'm not sure why I have hesitated, but I'm sure it has something to do with how I look in a swimsuit.

This weekend, I attended my niece's wedding at the old country club in my hometown. When I drove past the swimming pool area, I started thinking about all time I spent at that pool, working on my tan, flirting with boys, and hanging out with my friends. We would even go swimming on Monday when the club was officially closed, and night time swimming was always a summer option. I remember one night sitting on the poolside watching a lunar eclipse with friends.

The summer blues of a swimming pool -- ahhhhhh! Good blues!

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