Saturday, April 05, 2008

A poem for Saturday

Thanks to working a little late and a great night out with friends I failed to post a poem yesterday. Of course, the likelihood that I might actually post a poem every day of this month was low to begin with. After all, my posts have been so sporadic for the previous several months that what small readership I had has dwindled to almost none. I am hoping that my post-graduation posts, especially during the summer and holiday breaks, will be more regular and generate some more interest and bring in some more readers. One can always hope, right? :-)

Anyway, today's poem is by Ani Difranco from Verses. I bought this book of poetry for Valerie a couple of weeks ago. Valerie is a big Ani fan, and she said this morning that I should post one of the poems from this book, something that I had already intended to do. My plan is to post at least one poem from each book of poetry that we own--most of our poetry books are shelved together on one shelf of our great wall of books. I love our wall of books! (If I wasn't such a lame blogger, I would include a photo here.)

Okay, here's the poem .


when they said he could walk on water
what it sounds like to me

is he could float like a butterfly
and sting like a bee

literal people are scary, man
literal people scare me

out there trying to rid the world of its poetry

while getting it wrong fundamentally
down at the church of "look!
it says right here, see!"

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M. Doyle said...

Hi Kim,

Great blog! I will have to visit again. I am very happy not to have to grade papers, though I moved to a school library from a public library, so what I am really appreciating is the vacation time.

My response to your comment on my blog, about Google Apps:

Yes, you can make it public, but only if you use Google Apps (not the regular iGoogle page). Go to this link to set it up:

It's free, and if you work in education you can get the premium edition for free also. Once you sign up for an account, you can create a Start Page that you can use as a home page. If anyone changes it, the changes remain on their computer until the cookies are deleted.

If you try it and have questions, let me know! It's working well so far.