Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer is going too fast!

I can't believe July is almost half over already! I haven't done many of the things that I intended to do this summer. I have read several books but not as many as I had hoped. The office is still not done. I haven't done any writing except for a couple of journal entries and a few short blog posts. I haven't walked for exercise since returning from vacation. I haven't been in the swimming pool once this summer.

So what have I been doing to waste my summer? I have spent way too much time playing computer games while I half-watch television. So I have decided to re-instate my game-playing fast that served me very well during Lent. I will not play games for the rest of this month. Instead, I will spend my time reading and writing and even working a little, and I will walk every day and work on the office. Hell, I might even do the housework that I had intended to do once a week. (But that's not a promise, Valerie.)

Tomorrow I will try to post about some of the reading that I have done this summer. Until then, I'll say good night.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah(my comment is two years late but oh well) it really sucks. Just yesterday it felt as if I had just gotten out of school and I go back in 3 weeks on Aug 24 2010 =( Today is already August 3rd and I only have 3 more weeks left of freedom before I go back to hell *I mean school*