Friday, August 26, 2011

The Grapes of Wrath

My Grapes of Wrath post must be delayed. I'm not quite finished with the book yet. I have just over 100 pages left to read. I'll finish it tonight or in the morning and have my post up tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning. Sorry for the delay.


BCD said...

I was thinking about reading this book, but am still very undecided! Great blog you've got here :)

Kim said...

Hey, BCD, thanks for stopping by.

Sorry, my Grapes post was never posted. I enjoyed the book, and I think it's extremely relevant in light of America's current economic woes and the Occupy Movement. I'm really glad that I finally read it.

I'm going to check out your blogs too.

Shahab Uddin said...

a very nice blog.Thanks a lot.