Monday, July 25, 2005

I've Been Tagged

Valerie tagged me to do top 10 lists of turn-ons and turn-offs. When she told me she tagged me, I acted like I wish she hadn't done it, but just a couple of months ago, I was wishing someone would tag me. I don't know why I acted that way. I do wish that she had not tagged CM because that leaves me only one person to tag, Lois. Really, though, I'm glad to be part of this tagging thing. It makes me feel part of the blogging community.

Top 10 Turn-ons
  1. Brains. You have to be intelligent to interest me.
  2. Humor. If we can't laugh together, we can't love together.
  3. A big smile, one that lights up a room.
  4. Smooth brown skin. The smooth skin can be brown from birth or a healthy, natural sun tan.
  5. Pretty eyes. Like the waiter from Carrabas yesterday, he had eyes that I could have looked into for hours at a time.
  6. Self confidence. I'm not always very self confident, so if you're not, then we're screwed (and not in a good way). ;-)
  7. Articulateness. I love to talk about books, movies, politics, the world, and I really like to have some witty repartee, especially if there's some flirting involved.
  8. A reader. I love to read and want to be with someone who at least likes to read.
  9. Soft hands. To run over my body, I really like the feel of that.
  10. A good kisser. I really like to make out, maybe even more than having sex. Did I really say that? ;-)

Top 10 Turn-offs
  1. Cockiness.
  2. Hatred.
  3. Intolerance.
  4. Scraggly facial hair.
  5. Ignorance.
  6. Sloppiness.
  7. Condescension.
  8. Obesity.
  9. Non-reader.
  10. Body odor.
The turn-ons list was really hard for me. I'm not sure why. Of course, now that it's finished, I will probably think of so many more that I could add.

I have decided to tag one other person, Danny at Dad Gone Mad. His blog is so funny, even the ones focused on sophomoric humor, which I could have put in my turn offs list. I can't help myself from laughing out loud when I read most of his posts. I'm sure his lists will be nothing short of hilarious.


Valerie said...

It cracks me up how your turn-ons list has the explanations and your turn-offs list is so short and to the point. No doubt about those, eh? ;-)

Kim said...

I think those turn-offs pretty much speak for themselves. Plus, I ran out of steam in writing that post. I hate it when that happens.