Monday, February 20, 2006


Once I again, I am sitting in my chair the night before grades are due with a mile-high stack of papers waiting to be graded. Why do I do this to myself? I can't figure it out. Do I just not care enough anymore? I feel bad for my students, who have to wait forever for me to give them papers back. Just last week, I was frustrated by the prof for my library science class--she didn't get our quiz grades posted as fast as I thought she should. How can I complain about someone else when I am the worst? It really depresses me to have to grade so much crap, and my students give me crap more often than not. I'm such a glutton for guilt that I persist in giving them assignments. And I do feel guilty, which contributes a great deal to my guilty feelings. Thank goodness, the other parts of my life are going so well. Otherwise, I might not make it until the morning. I guess I better get back to work now. Good night all!

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