Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some restored faith

What a surprise! Hillary is winning in New Hampshire. Everyone had written her off there, and the media had all but given Obama the Democratic nomination after the Iowa results. I'm not going to boast or brag here because I know that this race is far from over. I will say, though, that I am pleased with the results.

I have been very angry at the Democrats, especially women (sorry Valerie!) , for the past week. I'm not exactly sure why it makes me so angry. In truth, I like Obama; I understand his appeal. If he ends up winning the nomination, I will be an ardent supporter. I just can't figure out how/why any woman who calls herself a liberal or a Democrat would not support an extremely qualified woman, a woman who has a real chance of becoming the president. Maybe it's my age--I am over 40--but I just think this race is the best chance for the women of America to put their votes where their mouths are and elect a woman president.

Now, I really should go to bed, but I think I will read for a while first. Tonight, I had intended to post some reading resolutions for 2008, but I guess I will post those tomorrow.

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