Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Week of Writing

This week I will be completing Capstone, a week-long essay test that essentially concludes my pursuit of a master's degree in library science. The program that I am in does not require a master's thesis, thank goodness. I tried that when I pursued a master of arts in literature in the 90s. Yeah, I never got past the proposal for my thesis. I was just too lazy about doing the work, even in the summer when I wasn't teaching high school English. I still feel like a quitter and loser for not completing it, too.

This time, though, I know I will finish--my job depends on it. I will spend Monday through Sunday researching and writing three essays. I am confident that I can do this, but I am worried about my tendency to procrastinate. Really, Procrastination is my middle name. I am procrastinating right now. (I should be working on class work for the final class that I am taking this semester or organizing articles from my previous classes to use as resources this week.)

This morning as I finished reading the Capstone Guide, it struck me that I feel like I am about to do something physical. I feel like I should have done some physical training, doing push-ups, sit-ups, jogging, or weight-lifting. I feel like I am going to need some physical stamina to survive the week.

Of course, I have spent the last two years, doing mental training for this week, and I really do believe that I will be successful. I just don't want to be working around the clock next Saturday and Sunday, submitting my work at the last possible minute. I have done that with too many of my assignments in my coursework. Each time, I have said that I won't do it again, but I still do. Hopefully, I will feel too stressed this week to let my penchant for procrastination lead me down that path again.

Also, I know that Valerie will monitor my procrastination when she's home and will call me on it when she sees me doing it. Hopefully, I won't get too pissy with her when she catches me procrastinating either. If I do, I will just have to make it up to her as soon as the week is over.

Now, I should stop procrastinating and do a little class work before an online chat about Captstone begins at 1:30.

You probably won't hear from me again until after next Sunday. Wish me luck!

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Valerie said...

You are going to kick ass, don't worry! :-)

And I'll kick your ass if you procrastinate! ;-)