Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Good Morning

Today is going to be a good day.
I will start packing up my classroom today. Really!
I will meet with the principal about a movie that my co-worker and I have been showing for years. I will present my case, but be contrite--I will not blow my chances at getting the Academic Associate position. He said he was going to make a decision by Friday. I can't let some parent complaint about this movie ruin my chances at that position. As soon as I saw the principal's email last evening, I knew that I should have decided not to show that movie.
Today is going to be a good day. Really!


Peace Be, Clint-Michael ... said...

Positive thoughts are being given up in prayer for your position... I hope it all works out.

What movie are you showing???
Two weeks... you lucky girl...

Kim said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts.

The movie is Cube, but I volunteered to drop it since we didn't send home parent permission slips. I would fight to teach a book but not a movie. Of course, all of our students could see the movie at a theater without parent permission. The principal was understanding and not the least bit accusatory. If we had sent home a permission slips, he said he would support us all the way, and I believed him.

Two weeks sounds great, but I have only just begun packing my room for the big move, packing which should be pretty much completed by Saturday.