Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blog problems

I don't know what happened, but my blog has reverted to the basic beginner look. YUCK!!! Unfortunately, my html guru and blog designer, Valerie, is too busy going to bed tonight to fix the problem. ;-) She said she might be able to fix it tomorrow, but she does have to work, so it might be the weekend before she can fix it. I did whine for sympathy & immediate assistance, but Google Talk whining doesn't work very well. Anyway, she has the code saved on her computer, so it should be an easy fix, unless, of course, I decide that I want a new look--again.

Before I go quickly to bed (I should have already been asleep), I have to say a couple of things. First, I FINALLY finished Sophie's Choice. It is a wonderful, heartbreaking novel. I loved it! However, I wish I had purchased a different copy of the book. The Modern Library version has a tiny top margin, which makes the book seem longer than it actually is, and it is almost 600 pages long. I don't know if that margin is intentional, but if so, it should be changed.

Second, I'm going to a workshop on Friday, so tomorrow is my Friday at work. Woohoo! Not only is tomorrow my work Friday, but I didn't work Monday of this week either. The sad truth of the situation is that even going to work for three days in one week doesn't make me feel good about still being a classroom teacher. But it's too late to cry about that now.

I will write more about Sophie's Choice later. Good night.

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