Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I am almost too tired to blog, but I have been itching to post something, not anything of interest, just something. I feel like I have been too tired late to even read a blog, much less post to mine. I want to post about the beginning of the school year and about the books that I'm reading now, but I won't do that tonight. If I'm too tired to grade some projects, then I should be too tired to blog, but blogging is so much more fun than grading. Consider this itch scratched. :-)

Another itch, one that I am trying not to scratch, is this horrible rash on my calves, my inner thighs, my abdomen, and my upper arms. One of my co-workers reminded today of a former co-worker's "teacher disease." I had forgotten about this woman's horrible place on her arm, but it wasn't a rash, more like a blister/sore. Anyway, I am trying not to scratch because it just tears up my skin. Sometimes, though, I can't resist.

I don't think it's an allergy; I haven't changed any lotions, soaps, or detergents in a very long time. I'm thinking that it might be anxiety, and if it is, I might have to quit teaching...NOW! HA! I wish.

I really do have to go to bed now. I feel myself falling asleep as I type. Later

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