Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Night

My faith in the American people (not Texans though) has been bolstered. I still feel like my blue votes in Texas are futile for the most part, but at least some blue votes counted today and counted big across the nation. I have stayed up way too late, watching too much election coverage and not doing enough class work.

However, I'm glad that I stayed up this late and got to see Harold Ford Jr.'s concession speech. His concession speech was very dignified and effective. He rose above the nastiness of the campaign against him. I never saw the commercial that was criticized as being racist, but I'm sure that race had something to do with his loss--Tennessee, the South, you know the drill.

As a woman, I am very excited about Nancy Pelosi being the first woman Speaker of the House. It is about time. Now, we have to get a woman into the White House.

Now, I better turn off the television and get some sleep. Later.

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Penny said...

I've been on cloud 9 the past two days . . . better and better and better . . . but I shan't get ahead of myself: there is much to be done, oh, much to be done. Yippee!!!!