Sunday, November 26, 2006

How do you eat healthier?

I wish life were like a Monopoly game, but instead of the Get Out of Jail Free cards, I could find a Get Out of Fat Free card. For quite some time now, maybe forever, I have been talking about and attempting to--never with much lasting success and only once or twice in my lifetime with any real effort and results--eating healthier. I really can't stand the thought of going on a diet. Seriously, when I think about it, I immediately feel the need to binge as if someone is trying to starve me. I used to be able to starve myself for days at a time. Yes, I know starving is not healthy, but now, just the thought of it makes me feel deprived and desperately hungry.

I didn't really overeat on Thanksgiving and had only some fruit salad for something sweet, no pie or cake. At some point, though, I looked at my plate and realized that it was all meat and starches. No one had brought anything green--broccoli rice casserole doesn't count since the broccoli is negligible, coming only from cream of broccoli soup. In the midst of the Thanksgiving chatter, I starting thinking that I really have no idea how to change my eating habits and eat healthier.

I can say to myself and to Valerie, my partner in eating crimes, that I have to limit my eating of Mexican food to one day per week. I can say that I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and buy healthier foods--vegetables and fruits. I can acknowledge that I need to eat out less and cook more and more healthy foods. I can even cook, but I can't seem to do it regularly enough. I have been taking fruit with me to work everyday for a while now, and I don't drink Cokes nearly as much as I used to. I seldom have more than one liter at a time in my house, and I rarely drink anything other than water at work. I can say all the right things and do some of the right things, but I still can't figure out how to make it become a habit or even do it long enough to see any real positive effect on my body.

Besides eating better, I know that I have to find a way to make myself get my ass home early enough to walk ever day. I love to walk for exercise. Really, I do. So why do I stay late at work so much that I know I won't do it when I get home? Why do I sit on my ass when I do get home early and not walk? What is wrong with me?

I'm sure there is some book out there that I could read for help, but as much as I LOVE to read, I just know that I won't be able to read a book about dieting or eating healthier. I had signed up for this three or four week healthier lifestyle program at my church a while back, and I was really looking forward to the class. Unfortunately, the doctor leading the class had to have surgery, and the class was postponed indefinitely. Hopefully, it will be reschedule soon after the first of the year, but I can't keep procrastinating with my health.

So, how do you eat healthier?


Penny said...

For a minute I forgot I wasn't reading my own blog. Seriously. You sound exactly like me. Only I don't know either. I thought maybe if I joined a gym that would help, so I started going to Curves. Then about a month ago, I just stopped going. No time. Plus, I tried their diet. Impossible. Even though I was supposed to eat all day I was miserable. I loved the things on the diet, but, well, it takes TIME to make salmon with almonds and rice pilaf, and no, you are NEVER going to make that in the morning to take to work. I mean honestly who comes up with these diets anyway? And of course, yes, you can substitute things, but then you're in an endless loop: if 1/2 cup of rice has 28 carbs, and I don't have time to cook that, how much pasta do I have to make to substitute? It ain't long before you say, "Oh, screw it, I'll get a salad at McDonald's" and of course,with that salad just a small sundae wouldn't be terrible, right? For me, it's always been the go-withs that kill me. But, long comment short--I feel your pain! And I have promised myself I will lose these many pounds . . . next year. I know what everyone says aobut "lifestyle changes" are the only way to work this deal, because I hate the idea of dieting, too. And I think it does have something to do with being afraid of feeling deprived, because I start to feel deprived before I even begin to do anything . . . which makes the whole thing impossible. It's like I've been brainwashed by Betty Crocker, but I'm supposed to be making this short now, so I'll stop here. (Sorry for the ultra-long comment!)

Carl V. said...

It is definitely hard to eat healthy. One thing I don't recommend to anyone who currently wants to change their habits is to do so during this time of year. They temptations are more overwhelming than ever and to me this time of year should be about relishing good foods, in moderation, with good friends and family.

Valerie said...

We can eat healthier! I know we can. I've done it before. We should sit down one day and make a plan.

But...I agree with Carl...after the holidays! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I tell you what - you and Valerie make your list to begin in January because for Christmas I am making banana pudding, chocolate delight, pecan pie and whatever else I can think of!!!!! LOL.