Sunday, August 19, 2007


I LOVE shoes, and I love shoe shopping, which almost always has a good outcome. I can't say the same for clothes shopping, which is almost always a depressing experience. However, I haven't been on a shoe buying binge in a very long time. Three years ago, I moved and purged my very large shoe collection, and I have not let myself rebuild it much since.

Last week, I decided that if I couldn't wear capris or knee-length skirts sans hose at my new job then I would just have to wear cute shoes. While I understand the desire for teachers to look professional, I do not understand how anyone can justify requiring hosiery in the state of Texas from March through October. Actually, I think the hosiery requirement is sexist and could probably be fought in court, but I don't think that's a battle I want to pursue as a new employee.
A couple of weeks ago, I went shoe shopping with Valerie before she started her new job. I tried on a pair of Nurture shoes and liked them, but I resisted buying them then. Today, I couldn't resist them or the other two pairs that I bought after an hour and a half of trying on shoes at Dillards. Before we went to Dillards, we had already spent some time browsing and trying on shoes at two other places.

Valerie had never been shoe shopping like this with me, and I'm not sure that she was prepared for it or enjoyed it, but she did stick it out and never got pissy. I felt sorry for the shoe salesman though. The store was very busy--the annual tax-free shopping weekend really brings out the shoppers--and I kept finding one more pair to try on.

So, now I need to find some cute pants and cute longer skirts to wear with my cute shoes. Finding those items won't be nearly as easy or as much fun as finding these shoes:

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St. Casserole said...

Shoes are important! Glad you found pairs you like!