Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Post-Rita Work Blues

I'm heading back to work this morning after 5 days off thanks to Hurricane Rita. I'm dressed and ready to go, waiting on Valerie to pick me up--it's her week to drive. I would rather go back to bed and hide under the covers, forever. I have to figure out a way to put that good-worker-bee facade back in place. It crumbled into tiny shards a couple of weeks ago.

Ah, dear reader, you are saved from more of my wallowing in self pity diatribe. Valerie is on her way. I hope we all have a good Wednesday.


Valerie said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so bad and I so wish I could do something to help. :-(

Penny said...


Hope your Wednesday went well as you wished. I'm sure it was horrible to go back after a missed week--yuk--with kids not remembering anything about where you left off, and finding the energy to remember where you were yourself. Just remember to keep working to get out every day! Next year you'll be doing something else : )

Kim said...

I guess I should post an update. I actually had a good day today. I can thank my students for this. They were very cooperative and positive. Of course, all had a story to tell, which I let them do in their composition books.

I will definitely be doing something else next year, but I do appreciate this year's students. I really have a good group.