Sunday, September 25, 2005

Safe but Longing for Home

I have spent the last 2 nights at my older brother's home in Jacksonville, TX. Now, I'm ready to go home. I will write about my 36-hour evacuation ordeal when I am at home on my computer and can be comfortable.

I spent yesterday waiting for the storm to pass through East Texas. Jacksonville got some high winds, some rain, and some power outages--nothing very scary, thank goodness. Today, the weather is absolutely beautiful. I checked the return plan, and it looks like people who live inside the loop in Houston are not supposed to return until tomorrow, but I'm probably going to go back tonight. I love my family, & they have been wonderful to me, but I hate to feel like people think they have to sit around and entertain me instead of doing what they usually do. Plus, I feel like I'm being unsociable when I just want to go in a room by myself and read--I would have finished Cloud Atlas yesterday if I couldn't have found some space away from everyone. Of course, I could be in a shelter some where, which would be so much worse. I am grateful for having family that could and would take me in. And I'm grateful that I could get here because I was worried about even making it here for a while. More about that later. Now, I have to run some errands and return to being a houseguest.


SassyFemme said...

Really glad to hear that you're safe and okay. Was thinking about you after the storm went further East and I read that you'd gone to East TX!

Penny said...


As you know from my message earlier I am unspeakably relieved to know you are okay. I was in tears all day Thursday worrying about you and Valerie and seeing the pics on TV of the evacuation from Houston. It was horrible knowing you were one of the cars there and that I couldn't talk to you--the cell network was overloaded most of the day, I was so thankful to hear your voice around 5 and even then I really hoped you would get to J'ville by that night. When you are ready, I very much want to hear your story.

Kim said...

Thanks Sassyfemme and Penny for thinking about me and all the others who were out there. It was nice to read your comments once I got back on the internet on Sunday.