Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Running from Rita

I am evacuating tomorrow. At first, I thought Valerie and I could get a hotel room in East Texas, but they were all booked up. When I spoke to one hotel clerk, she suggested that I try north of Dallas. I tried a number of hotels in surrounding cities, and Valerie checked several more cities online, but the answer everywhere was "No availibilty." So I decided to go to my childhood hometown. I will stay with my brother. Valerie is going to her grandparents. Last night, we did some shopping for supplies, just in case we decided that we could stay here and ride it out. Since we couldn't get any water anywhere, we bought really important supplies like wine and chocolate. :-)

I live on the second floor in an apartment that faces into the center of the complex, and I'm really not worried about my apartment being damaged. Until it turned into a Category 5, I really thought I could ride the storm out here, but I have decided that I would rather be safe. Besides, I don't want to be here for several days with no electricity. Too damn hot for that!

I spent today cleaning my apartment, watching the weather reports, chatting with Valerie online, and avoiding packing for what I hope will be only a long weekend trip. After returning from eating dinner tonight, I finally packed things for my evacuation. I did have one packing dilemma--how many books to take and which ones--but I finally decided on 5 books. I know I won't read all of those. I read too slow, but I like to have a choice, and I will finish Cloud Atlas tomorrow or Friday for sure. Now, I sitting here watching the weather reports with Valerie. I guess I will leave here around 6:00 in the morning; Valerie said she might leave at 5:00, but I don't know if I can get up and be ready to go that early. Hopefully, I will be able to return on Sunday.

I'm really worried about my friends, co-workers, and students who live on the coast. If the storm comes in where it's looking like it's headed, they could get the worst of the storm. I hate my job, but I don't want to be out of it for a while as a result of this hurricane. I'm afraid that we might not go back for well over a week, maybe even 2 weeks or more. I was surprised when they announced yesterday afternoon that the schools would be closed today. Of course, when I see pictures of the traffic coming from that direction into Houston, I'm grateful for the decision made by the powers that be. I'm glad I didn't have to drive in that traffic to get home today. I'm sure I will have to drive in major traffic going to East Texas tomorrow, but I have my Scarlett persona on, and I will worry about that tomorrow morning. :-) For now, I think I will get off here and read for a while before I go to sleep. I will be back online as soon as I get to East Texas. Be safe everyone!


Penny said...

I'm glad you decided to go. I tried calling earlier this evening but the cell network must have been overloaded as there was a message that all lines were busy. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers--I have not been able to think of anything else all day, but I am glad that you are leaving and will be safe. I will think of you tomorrow in the traffic--and hope your drive will be easy. Kevin and I are considering when we will try to return to assess damages, etc. If, and I sincerely hope the storm won't be this bad, you do have several days/week(s), please consider coming up here for part of that time. I know you will need a breather from staying with family ; )


Penny said...

Kim: Let Valerie know I've been reading her blog: I will keep her parents and their house in my prayers. I wish you both peace and easy travel tomorrow.

The Recovering Straight Girl said...

Kim: Hi, I'm a blogger friend of Valeries and I just wanted to send you my very best wishes. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts. Safe trip to you all.

Kim said...

RSG, thanks for your good thoughts. It really was nice when I was able to get back on the internet Sunday and see that people out there in blog land were thinking about me and all the other evacuees. Your comment was very much appreciated.

Btw, I read your blog often and really enjoy it.