Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Devil's Bitch

After writing this post, I will have to do something good to combat the bad karma that I'm creating here, but some things must be said.

The Devil's Bitch is nickname given to one of my co-workers by another co-worker, when we were watching The Crucible at the Alley Theatre a while back. I had this encounter with DB on Friday. Thursday during my 3rd period class, DB called my room and told me that there were some printer problems in the multi-media lab (as the instructional tech rep for our campus, I am the one most teachers call for these problems). I told her that I was busy at the moment but I would try to get to the lab later in the period. To be honest, I could have left my class & gone to assist her; however, I got busy with my students and completely forgot about her. Of course, if she wasn't the DB, maybe I would have gone immediately. Friday, I ran into her in the hall and tried to apologize for forgetting about her. She was really pissy about it, and I reminder her that I had a class when she called. She said something like, "Well, we ARE working on the RESEARCH PAPER" as if her curriculum is more important than whatever I might be teaching my students. I turned to walk away and said something like, "Well, I DO teach and I can't be expected to abandon my students for yours." I swear if she had said one more word to me at that moment, I probably would have been very ugly to her. She thinks she is the queen of teachers, but really she is just a selfish bitch. She has this idea that she is a great teacher because she gives "great lectures"--her words. The funniest thing is that when she tells of giving these great lectures, she usually includes the complaint that her students are sleeping while she gives them. She's so egotistical that she doesn't understand that if she can't hold your audiences attention, then her lectures can't be all that great. She is the DB. She gives teachers a bad name and that makes me sick.


Peace Be, Clint-Michael ... said...

I am dying to know who the DB is... I have worked with a Devil's Bitch as well... and in fact, I had an all-out knock down drag out on our last inservice and I'm afraid I wasn't as mature as you as I had a string of "fucks" coming out of my mouth and ended it with "fucking fine, please do not speak to me again." See... devils bitches are an international problem! :)

Hippo said...

I like it! Can I use it?? The devils bitch, yes...yes. I have a friend, R.E. Dirt, who, although he is a man, I call him the "Whiny Little Bitch."

Dr. H.O. Potamus