Monday, June 27, 2005

Incredible Things Catch-Up

I was supposed to be noting one incredible thing for each day until tomorrow's writing workshop session. So here are 3 more days worth.

Day 3
The clear blue water of the just cleaned swimming pool beckons below my stairs. In the oppressive heat of a Houston summer day, it calls to me, asks me to dive in and revel in the icy blanket as it covers me.

Day 4
Colorful explosions light up the sky. The fireworks race to their zenith then fall away in a cloud of smoke. Like a child, I smile and laugh at the benevolent bombs bursting in air.

Day 5
I'm in Nashville at the Model Schools Conference. Nashville is known as Music City, but I will forever remember Nashville as the home of the incredibly ugly, Bell South "Batman" building that I think is supposed to be a modern gothic style building (I have no idea if this is a real style or not). The building looks like Batman. Click here and see it on the right in the picture. I'm going to get my roommate to take a digital picture of it and upload it here tomorrow.

Extra - The incredibly beautiful thing according to my co-worker Sandra is....drumroll please.....Sandra. She doesn't read my blog but she wanted me to make her the beautiful thing for today. She's a hoot, and I've enjoyed drinking wine with her for the past two days.

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Peace Be, Clint-Michael ... said...

How about I'm going to copy these sentences from this post and use these to share with my students as a good way to show descriptive writing!

Thanks, Ms. H!!! :)