Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Question

I have spent the evening celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends and one of my two readers. I'm not sure she saw it as celebrating. She's much younger, and I'm sure she would have rather been doing more than eating dinner, watching movies, and drinking wine. Well, I'm sure she didn't mind the drinking wine part though. I hope she had a decent time anyway.

I was about to go to bed--I've been having insomnia and need to try to sleep rather than sitting up half the night on the computer and watching TV--but I had this question bearing on my mind. Do you think people can live happily without expectations? I would like to live without expectations. I would like to have no expectations of others and for them to have no expectations of me. Without expectations, I could make the other person happy when I did anything (nothing would be expected), and without expectations, I would never disappoint anyone (again, nothing would be expected). Maybe I have had too much wine, but this seems like a great way to live. I'm sure there are some negatives to this, but right now, I can't think of any.

Now I am going to bed. I must sleep tonight.

PS: Happy Birthday, Valerie!!!!


Valerie said...

I was posting a journal entry last night just before you were posting yours.

I did have a good time last night. I'm not some young party girl and last night was great for my birthday. Thank you for drinking wine with me, and for the coffee maker, which is being cleaned according to the instructions as I write this.

I can't help but wonder why you wrote this about expectations? I hope it isn't because you think I was disappointed with my birthday.

Kim said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I really didn't leave there thinking you were disappointed.

I've been thinking about my high expectations for me, for my job, for my students, for my family & friends for a while now. In the past, I wouldn't have thought of myself as demanding and judgemental, but lately I have been thinking that about myself. I think my high expectations have made me demanding and judgemental. I think my high expectations have also led to my discontent for the last year. So I'm thinking that if I lower my expectations or get rid of them completely, I won't be disappointed.