Saturday, June 18, 2005

Peace and Quiet

All this week, workmen have been changing out the railing at my apartment complex. All day, everyday, I have been serenaded by the sound of cutting metal, soldering metal, and just plain loud clanking. This morning, no serenade -- in addition, no tv, no music, no people out and about. All I've heard is the sound of my a/c and the clicking of my keyboard. Ahhhh! It's really nice to have this quiet today. I have been sitting in my big comfy chair, drinking coffee, surfing the internet, and chatting, for a while, with one of my two readers.

However, the longer I sit here, the hungrier I get--wouldn't want to break the silence by cooking something, you know banging pans, sizzling bacon, buzzing timers. I am craving an omelet, which I could cook for myself though I never have, but that would mean having to clean up later, and I'm too lazy. I wish the maintenance man would hurry up and come look at my dishwasher, then I would be free to go eat breakfast--no clean-up required then. :-) Alas, he said he would be here by noon, which probably means at noon. So by the time he leaves, it will be too late for breakfast. :-(

So I guess, I will just sit here and continue to enjoy the peace and quiet for a while longer.

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