Friday, March 25, 2005

Free Friday

Things I should have a done today instead of just reading & watching tv: clean my apartment, read and critique essays for tomorrow's essay workshop session, write critiques for 2 essays discussed a couple of weeks ago, read the assigned professional essay for tomorrow, do laundry, grade some papers, plan the rest of the semester for all 3 courses that I teach. I did, at least, go to the grocery store, so I didn't stay holed up in my apartment all day (I also went to have coffee & quiche this morning, spending money I shouldn't have spent). But I don't feel bad about wasting the day completely. It's not something I get to do very often. I really must print out & read tomorrow's workshop submissions. I don't want to have to get up extra early to do that in the morning. The workshop only has 2 more meetings after tomorrow. In the fall I was very sad to see the poetry workshop end, but I won't be sad to see this essay workshop end. I haven't enjoyed it as much as I had hoped I would. The other participants are okay, but the facilitator is usually doesn't seem prepared for class. He still hasn't given me a critique for my first essay, which I know he didn't like, but I still want his critique. He's had to leave and go make copies before & this week he had to mail us our reading. I would still take another workshop, but I woudn't take another one with him. And I plan to be extremely honest on his evaluation form, not mean, just honest.

Enough about that, while I was wasting time today, I watched several of those redecorating reality shows. They made me want to fix up my apartment. I've lived here for almost a year, and other than getting a new couch--a cool, burnt orange couch--I haven't done any of the designing things I thought I would do. I need something else to put my tv on--on one show today, a dresser was used, which I thought was a cool idea. I also need at least one more bookcase, and I should really replace my mismatched bedroom furniture, adding bedside tables too. My car will be paid for on Thursday--YEA!!!--and, unfortunately, I need some car repairs now. However, once those are done and I set up a payment plan with the IRS, maybe I can budget my way into some new/used furniture. There are so many antique stores in this area that I should really check them out before I buy new stuff. Alas, all of this will have to wait awhile though so I will not bore readers (like I have readers) or myself with my apartment makeover dreams.

I really should hook up my printer and take care of my workshop readings & critiques now. I can't find anything fun to watch on tv now anyway. Later.

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